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What's the difference between buying photos through you and buying photos from any other printer using the DVD?

- Give us a goo photography works together with a pro printing laboratory to produce the best photographs for your purposes. Pro prints means richer colour, better archival paper and a better service all round...BUT....mainly because...Every photo bought through Give us a goo photography is retouched to suit the display product purchased. That's something Goots or Narvey Hormons can't do ;)

What do you mean by retouched?

- Take a look at the "Edited Photo Examples" link above to see examples of prints and frames edited for display. Every photo bought through Give us a goo photography is retouched to suit the display product purchased.

How do I tell you that I want a particular photo in a rich black & white or a funky blue colour or if I'd like to add more wrinkles to Aunty Sheila and just remove drunk George altogether?

1. Select the photo(s) you like and choose the "Add to Favourites" button at the top of the screen.
2. Once you've finished selecting your photo(s), select the "My Selection" link at the top left of the screen. Then just click the "Send to Photographer" with a message and I'll reply as soon as possible to tell you if your requirements can be met. If so, then from your saved favourites, just click "Buy".

What if I don't want black & white or funky colours or anything done to the photo?

Then just go ahead and click "Buy". I'll edit the photo to make sure you get the best sharpness and colour out of the product you purchased. I'll also make the subject of the photograph stand out more by selectively darkening or brightening certain areas of the photo.

What products do you offer?

Too many. Best thing to do is select any photo and pretend to buy it. From here you'll find a product descriptions available to the photo you chose. Choose from a variety of Prints, Frames and Thank You Cards.

How long is all this going to take?

Generally about two to three weeks before you receive the print. Bigger orders and international customers can take longer.

It's all too confusing, can't I just get you to order the prints?

No problem, please make sure you know the filenames of the photos you want printed and the sizes.
Ideally, write them down like this:

Photo: 123456 Size: 7 x 5 Quantity: 3

Then send an email with a follow up call.

We'll have a chat and discuss your options :)